MOTORWERKS presents Lids & Lads, a community driven helmet art show celebrating moto, art and people.

Featuring 13 local artists from various fields coming together to showcase their art on an alternative canvas- A Bell Helmet.

Moto Art, Live Bands, Vintage Motorcycle Flea, Drinks and Bites. One evening, one unlikely location, one hell of a gathering. Come Hang Bring Friends.

Bell Helmets Singapore . Deus Ex Machina Singapore . Kombi Rocks . Macbeth Singapore . Obey Clothing Singapore . One Saturday Market . Red Bull

In support of: Children’s Cancer Foundation

Featured artist:
1. Siddwills Williem 
2. Yong Cheong 
3. Feroze Mcleod 
4. Amanda Lim 
5. Kamal Dollah 
6. Wan Sperm Keisane 
7. Clogtwo 
8. Lovage Tiffany 
9. Inkten 
10. Mr Sabotage 
11. Kevin Seah 
12. Ivan Lee

Filmed and Edited by Juffrie Friday 
Music | Peacock baby by Reiko Ohara

Harper’s Bazaar x Kate Bosworth

Filmed and Edited by Juffrie Friday

Additional Filming by Elliot Sng

Music by Fauxe

Film producer | Juffrie Friday

Editing | Melvin Betaphats

Executive Producers | Adam Taylor Campbell & Christopher Chen

Cinematography | Juffrie Friday & Juan Qi An

Music | The Music Bed

Red Bull skateboarding | Pinspotting Episode 1

Follow Chris van Huizen as he explores the lesser-known street spots in the heart of Singapore.

Pinspotting Singapore is a series of videos featuring home grown talents exploring the (un-)hidden street spots that Singapore has to offer. In episode 1, Chris van Huizen shares his experience with one of the few street banks/pyramid that is tucked away in the far west of the island.

The next episode with Singapore’s skate spot No. 2 will be released later in February.

The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, founded by the Sydney Cafe Racers, is an event that takes place in 38 countries around the world. There are over 145 rides and over 7000 participants. The event is about dapper and classic styled motorcycles and scooters. It is an event for Cafe Racers, Custom Bobbers, Classics, Modern Classics and Classic Scooters.

The Singapore Edition of the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride 2013 is organised by Custom Burner and Motorwerks. Visit the website of the official Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride at

Directed and Edited by Juffrie Friday
Produced by Juffrie Friday and Juan Qi An
Juan Qi An | Shawn Chen | Ivan Chong | Juffrie Friday | Elliot Sng | N.Ziqq
Special Thanks
Ong Tze Ni | Dhany Osman | Nicole Watt | Wallace Woon | Amran Zanis | N.Ziqq | Ridzuan Kamsani
あなたのそばが by The Summers (Japan)
Each and Every Flower by Grace Lee & The Stylers (Singapore)
Youth of Gold by The Pinholes (Singapore)
Dinner & Dance by The Nerves (Singapore)

"The music is spot on, the scenes are well paced. We are once again very impressed. Thank you for an amazing job."
-Marco K,

Client | Cote&Ciel

Côte&Ciel in Singapore featuring:
1. Alan Wong
2. Celeste Chong - 
Marketing Director / Co-founder of The Butter Factory
3. Darren Lee 
- Founder of Uniform / Shentonista
4. Edwin Tan - 
Creative Director
 / Bravo Company
5. Ivan Lee - 
Multimedia Designer / Ceramist / Weekend Worker
6. KoFlow
 - DJ / Musician
7. Valerie Wang - 
Blogger / Illustrator
8. Yong
 - Creative Director / Somewhere Else
Directed by Juffrie Friday 
Produced by Chris Chong 
Eited by Côte&Ciel Paris
Music by DJ KoFlow – The Turntable Instrumentalist (I am a scratch DJ) featuring MIGHTY SOUL

Harper’s Bazaar X TWG

Styled by Windy Aulia
Photographed by Brendan Zhang
Photography Assistants: Seth Ang
Model: Natalia/Upfront, Charif Taieb
Hair: Jeremy Yap
Makeup: Lindsey Li
Manicure: Audrey Wee
Filmed and Edited by Juffrie Friday
Additional filming by Ivan Chong


Shedding light on the weekend release of the Limited EDT x Reebok Classic Leather 30th Anniversary, we are joined by Jonning Chng, Alvin Huang, and the founder of Limited EDT, Mandeep Chopra – together forming the JAM design team. With an early exposure to limited and niche footwear via his parents’ sporting goods business, Chopra used the opportunity that was presented before him to share his love for sneakers, and at the same time accommodate Singapore’s growing demand for exclusive footwear. Since the first store until now, the Limited EDT name has evolved into covering a full spectrum of brands and styles. In this video, the JAM collective goes over each of the key branches; from Limited EDT Chambers, which houses high-end and designer brands; L.E Way, a skate focused store; Limited Edition Hall of Fame, a basketball driven location; and finally, Limited Edition Vault, a place where the most exclusive silhouettes are stocked. We also learn of the making of the Reebok Classic collaboration and get a look at each of the special VIP rooms that Limited EDT offers to its loyal customers.

Director & Editor | Juffrie Friday
Cam assist | Ivan Chong
Producer | Ambrose Leung
Executive Producer | Eugene Kan

Introducing Huf Singapore

HUF SG team riders are Firdaus ‘Gerl’ Samsudin, Ridzuan ‘Spermy’ Kamsani & Isnin ‘Dadanin’ Rosli

Direction, film & edit | Juffrie Friday
Music | Gembira Ria by Rosnah & The Siglap 5
With the support of This is Alley (


Exec Producer | Ida Tan
Producer | Debajyoti Bose
Creative Director | Xavier Oon
Director, Art Director & Lead Compositor | Fizah Rahim
Producer | Insyirah Abdullah
Cinematography | Juffrie Friday
Cam Asst | Ivan Chong
Editor | Fizah Rahim
2D animators & 2D character | Fizah Rahim, Fil Ilmi, Khoo Siew May
Roto | Fil Ilmi, Siew May, Alice Chua, Kelly Lai
3D Modelers | Victor Chen, Brandon Chua, Lin Jing
3D Animators | Nicholas Poon, Linda Wong, Brandon Chua
3D Lighting and Rendering | Lin Jing, Nicholas Poon, Linda Wong
3D Tracking | Vickneswaran
Audio | Bells and Whistles
Director | Debajyoti Bose
Production | Mediascope Productions
Creative Director of Post | Xavier Oon
Art Director & Lead Compositor | Fizah Rahim
Producer | Insyirah Abdullah
2D animators | Fizah Rahim, Fil Ilmi, Khoo Siew May
Roto | Fil Ilmi, Siew May, Alice Chua, Kelly Lai
3D Modelers | Brandon Chua, Victor Chen
3D Animators | Brandon Chua, Nicholas Poon
3D Lighting and Rendering | Lin Jing, Nicholas Poon
3D Tracking | Brandon Chua
Audio | Bells and Whistles


As a first world nation, our city is constantly bustling with the need for progress and growth. A simple form of architecture, like a bench, a flight of stairs, a railing, is looked upon as a form of landscape commodity and nothing more. A skateboarder, however, perceives architecture in a different form. Maneuvering a plank of wood on the concrete surface of a ledge, allows one to appreciate its form as a work of art, maximizing the potential use of a static object. Exerting endless imagination on a static object, therefore giving it life and a whole new meaning to its existence.

Winning entry for MTV x Lenovo Project CO:LAB for Singapore Film category

Film & Edit | Juffrie

Client | Tracyeinny

Director | Juffrie Friday

Cinematographer | Hizuan Zailani

Cam Assist | Wallace Woon

Production Assist | Khairul Fadly

Make Up Artist | Zeus Chan

Fashion Stylist | HeidiTung


My Heart | The Ettes


Marina M

Anmarie N

Andrea B

Sam G

Congratulations to Eusoff Lazi & Rosida Sidin on finally tying the knot after 5415 days or 14years 10 months together in a relationship. This film playfully illustrates the story of a skateboarder and a rugger falling in love at first sight.

A film by Juan Qi An & Juffrie

Starring Eusoff Lazi & Rosida Sidin

Skateboarders | Elliot Sng | Ivan Chong | Terence Nathanael | Juffrie | Juan Qi An

Ruggers | Hafizah Hamzah | Suziana Samsudin | Siti Nur Sheemah | Ashley Wang Shu Hui | Damaria Sri Aminy Tumbuck

Directors | Juan Qi An | Juffrie

Director of Photography | Juan Qi An

Editor | Juan Qi An

Producer | Juffrie

Camera Assistant | Elliot Sng | Ivan Chong | Hizuan Zailani

Props Department | Williem Sidik | Terence Nathanael | Vikneshwaran Elango

Music | ‘Love Like a River’ by Girls | ‘Devil’s Plan’ by Green & Wood

Special Thanks | Yahya Rahmat | Crew & Cast | The Newly Weds

Client | ONIKAGI

Wallets for Humanity

Combining yesterday’s craftsmanship with today’s fit and function, our wallets are 100% handcrafted in Bandung, Indonesia by the leather craftsmen. It is our commitment to help this community strive and pass on this traditional skill to the younger ones.

For the longest time, we have been looking around for a card wallet but with a coin pouch. We often use cash and these coins have no where to go! Out of frustration, we decided to create our own wallet. Not only does it comes with a coin pouch, it is 100% handmade with pure leather! Not only that, we are fully committed to be socially responsible.

The Onikagi wallet is designed to be interchangeable with different components. Made of pure leather and 100% handcrafted, users can choose between different configurations, watch the video to learn more! Create your perfect wallet today!

Start making your pledges by clicking on the link below

Filmed & Edited by Juffrie
Music Tied Knots by The Album Leaf
Translation by Michelle Clarissa

Singapore womenswear label STOLEN has collaborated with a local photographer and paper sculptor to create the label’s latest 2013 campaign.
The latest STOLEN campaign comprises of manipulated photographs of STOLEN garments, modelled by cult fashion blogger Linda Hao. The pictures are first shot by local photographer Jovian Lim in a studio, printed out, and then folded, pleated, draped or layered by paper sculptor Melvin Ong, creating a collaborative art installation out of the original fashion images.
Known for its architectural approach to fashion, STOLEN is distinguished by its minimalist aesthetic of clean lines, muted colour palette, and recognisable signature open back feature. Each collection’s campaign images are equally conceptual and abstract, in a nod to Wong’s background in graphic design, installation art and creative advertising.

Client | Stolen

Director | Xavier Oon
Director of Photography | Juffrie Friday
Editor | Insyirah Abdullah
Cam Assist | Ivan Chong
Producer | Insyirah Abdullah
Production Assistant | Gillian Shen
Music | Victor Low
Narration | Elyn Wong
Creative Directors | Elyn Wong | Hedirman Supian
Photographer | Jovian Lim
Paper Sculptor | Melvin Ong
Model | Linda Hao
Special thanks to Critica and Geoff Studio